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A Safari For You

Most of our Dancing Zebra Safari Co clients experience an African wildlife safari just once in their lifetime. When they trust us to plan their adventure, we take their requests very seriously. Read on to learn more, then get in touch to start designing your personalized dream safari! Below are a few sample itineraries.  
The Greatest Migration

Discover the timeless wonder of Serengeti. Explore Tanzania in all its breathtaking glory and get a front row seat to the Great Migration.

Mysterious Jungle: Gorilla Trekking

Roam the mystifying Rwandan jungle in this exclusive gorilla trek. Get up close and personal with these unique and magnificent creatures.

Honeymoon Safari &  Beach Vacation

In this luxury package, fall in love with the secluded world of Zanzibar. Relax in paradise after your riveting safari adventure.

Maasai Mara
Chartered Sky Safari

In this unique cultural experience, pair your wildlife adventure with a trip to a Maasai "boma" to meet the remarkable Maasai people.

Take to the air and get a bird's eye view of the Serengeti in this breathtaking "SkySafari," paired with many other exhilarating adventures.

Start building your custom itinerary today! Inquire with us for a free consultation.

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